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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is included in your annual or monthly accounting fee?


You will get your (monthly or yearly) account prepared, period GST returns submitted electronically and (business and/or personal) tax return(s) prepared and submitted. There is no hidden cost and we'll seek your consent before the fee is revised. 


Q2. What happens if I have additional documents after I have subscribed your Weight It! pack?


We shall ask that the documents be weighted and the fee shall be adjusted according to our fee schedule. 


Q3. How do you calculate my quote for the monthly accounting package?


Although we hate to admit it, we are calculating the quote based on the potential avearge number of bookkeeping transactions and any extra work we need to undertake for your business. Remember that this is an all inclusive fee encompassing bookkeeping, GST and tax return preparation and submission. In addition, we provide free accounting and tax advices to your business. 


Q4. What happens if I have more documents or transactions than I have originally been quoted for the monthly accounting package?


We understand that businesses are in a state of flux and we won't "uplift" your fee for small increase in your average transactions. However, if your business grows and you start to have more average transactions, we shall contact you to discuss on your needs and we shall make any fee increase subject to your consent.


Q5. Do I have to send you my documents monthly?


No. You are not obliged to send us your documents monthly. We strongly encourage our clients to send us their documents monthly so that they will get their financial statements monthly and that we shall be better able to provide you the best service. You are free to send us your documents weekly, bi-monthly or even quarterly but we would request you to send us your documents at least two weeks before your GST return is due, for example.


Q6. Can I send you my documents online?


Definitely yes. You can send us your documents online via e-mail and if you don't know how you can send us your documents using e-mail because your file size is too large, please give us a call for assistance. Alternatively, we could send you pre-paid envelopes for you to stuck your documents in it.

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