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GST Review and Submission

Some businesses have in-house accounting department to prepare their accounts and periodic GST returns, but for some reasons, they need an accountant to help reviewing their return and to provide recommendations on their current GST processes. Our partners have helped many businesses to review their returns and to provide them with practical recommendations ever since the GST was implemented. If you are looking for quality services at cheap prices, we are here to help. 


How does it work? 


At the end of every period (which could be quarterly, monthly or other periods), we'll send you an e-mail requesting from you some accounting documents. Shortly after this, you will receive an e-mail detailing the preliminary issues noted together with recommendations; it's very likely that we would like you to e-mail us some of your documents for verification. Once we have discussed on the issues noted, we'll send you a draft GST return advising you on your GST position. We'll then proceed to submitting it to customs online after we have obtained your consent on the draft return. You'll later be sent an e-mail with the submitted return and submission slip together with an advice on your current GST position.


What if my account has not been finalized? Can I forward it for your review?


Ideally, accounts should have been finalized before the review process begin. However, we appreciate that businesses might not have sufficient guidance to finalize their accounts and we'll help you to finalize your account for GST submission purposes. Please note that this is not a finalization exercise aimed at producing a year-end account for tax filing or other purposes. It is very rare for us to charge our clients for this service but we'll seek your approval before we intend bill you extra. 


How are we going to determine a price for you?


We tend to determine our price for you based on a number of factors such as your industry, the level of competency of your bookkeeper in GST, taxable period and others. 


You might want to know that your price is not fixed at one level, clients frequently get "discounts" some time later when we feel they are competent enough. Likewise, any additional works incurred will, subject to your prior consent, be billed extra.


What if I only need some advices or support but I think this pack is too much for me?


Please contact us for a discussion of your situation.

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