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Monthly or Yearly Management Accounts

We take care of your accounts so you won't have to do it yourself, hire and train staff or buy an expensive accounting software. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that your account is being looked after by your accountants.


When you sign up for our Monthly or Yearly Management Accounts service, you'll get accounting support through e-mails and phone calls during business hours. Occasionally, you may want to visit us to discuss your matters.

Let IM Be Your Trusted Bookkeeping Companion

  • You will be sent your monthly account at the end of every month so that you could better manage your business.

  • We help your business to claim income tax deductions and GST input tax credits you deserve as we navigate through your transactions.

  • You can have productive discussions with your accountants throughout the year so there is no tax surprise when you file your tax return.

What Will You Get For This Service

  • Monthly and annual financial statements

  • General ledger

  • Reconciled bank accounts (where applicable)

  • Trade debtors and creditors ageing reports (where appllicable)

  • Tailored advices (where available)

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